At the Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies we specialise in the field of E-health, Social Care, Educational Game in building innovative technologies. Our expertise has seen us build a successful track record for producing engaging mobile/web games, immersive 3D/2D data rich platforms and high performing  tools that balance entertainment and learning.



“I just wanted to thank SCET for all the fantastic work they did on building the Self-Help Guide App. I really think it has huge potential to make a difference to the management of those conditions that present frequently to primary and secondary care and should hopefully reduce unnecessary attendances to GPs and Emergency Departments.

Jacques Kerr, 

Directorate for Performance and Delivery

The Scottish Government

NHS Clinical Decision Support
Scotland's Go To Platform for Quality Assured Decision Support Tools for Health and Social Care.
IT offers development approach and standards-based architecture used to create decision support solutions in Scotland’s health and social care. It highlights the role of the Right Decision platform as the Go-To-place for finding, sharing and building quality assured decision support resources.
Community Eye Care
Working in partnership with NHS Grampian, NHS Forth Valley and NHS Education Scotland, SCET has developed the Community Eye Care website ( and app (available on iOS and Android) to help improve standardisation, accessibility, usability and currency of primary care optometry clinical guidelines and pathways so that they can be better accessed by primary and secondary care on computers, mobile phones and tablet devices.
A Patient with Dementia VR
A patient with dementia is a 360 Degree VR film experience that places the viewer in the place of an 85-year-old female with dementia in a hospital ward-based environment. The main goal of this experience is to capture the harrowing perspective of an elderly patient suffering from dementia. This project was made for Edinburgh Napier University for their student nurses to better empathise and understand the viewpoint of a patient with dementia.
Let’s Think Ahead – My ACP
SCET has worked with Health Improvement Scotland to develop the Let’s Think Ahead – My ACP app. My ACP supports people to plan ahead for changes in their health and care needs. The app allows users to create an Anticipatory Care Plan or ACP and update the plan at any time. It also contains a journal function, and allows the individual to record appointments (eg. with their GP) with reminders when the appointments are due. The app is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets
NHS Inform Application
SCET has worked with Scottish Government’s Unscheduled Care team and NHS24 to develop a Self-Help guide. The aim of the self-help guide is to make a difference to the management of those conditions that present frequently to primary and secondary care and to reduce unnecessary attendances to GPs and Emergency Departments.
The NHS Self-Help Guide has information and advice on some of the more common symptoms that people call NHS24 about. The app is very easy to use and guides you through a set of
Pasma VR Simulation
PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association) is the recognised focus and authority for mobile access towers. PASMA advances safety, standards and best practice across a wide range of sectors and represents the interests of its members in the UK, South Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East. To support PASMA’s online Towers for Users course, SCET has developed a serious game that allows trainees to gain knowledge and skills in building and dismantling mobile towers
Active Independant Management System
The Scottish Centre for Enabling Technology (SCET) at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) and NHS Lanarkshire (NHSL) have agreed to work together to develop a new system of managing patient rehabilitation called AIMS (Active and Independent Management System)
My Cyber Safe Space
This game will allow for the players to build an understanding of online safety by playing real-world scenarios and making narrative driven choices to drive learning. Throughout the game the player will be confronted by instances or scenarios, they can make their own choices and choose their own path and learning by playing other case studies or stories that individuals have lived and subsequently learned from. The game will mirror the real world. Set in a bedroom with all current forms of com
SDS Scrapbook
My SDS is a mobile 2D Game that was created for Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living to encourage the younger generation with a wide range of disabilities to be more forthcoming in regards to sharing their feeling around their future aspirations. This will allow a Carer/Personal Assistant to encourage and work with individuals to be confident enough to start the journey down their chosen path.





We offer a personalised and bespoke service which starts with design and aims to de-mystify the software development or implementation process and make it as pain free as possible. A diverse and experienced team that have what it takes to solve innovative technical research, business or health problems. We deliver highly effective software solutions that matter to industry, organisations and people like you. We have a highly effective mix of mobile app and game developers, animators, graphical designers, project managers, data scientists and trainers. Each of there specialisms backed by expert computer science academics at the University of the West of Scotland.


Happening Now

SCET is advancing in commercial development with numerous different companies dependant on the work. SCET continues to grow to this day. 



SCET  has 200+ projects completed,

increased turnover of Scottish SMEs by

£85mill+ and  created over 560 new jobs and

safeguarded over 1,000 jobs.



April 2012, SCET becomes self-sustaining and moves to UWS’ Paisley campus. SCET begins to expand its team and employs experts in most areas of design and technology



By Nov 2010, SCET had completed 60 projects, increased company turnover by over £3.5mill, created 220 jobs and safeguarded a further 520 jobs


Early Days

After one year, SCET was well ahead of targets and had increased company turnover by almost £1million, created about 100 jobs and safeguarded a further 100 jobs


Our Humble Beginnings

Established in 2008 with support from Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise to facilitate co-operation in R&D and knowledge transfer in the area of enabling technologies with SMEs.

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